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          to the web pages of Stara Boleslav, one of the oldest pilgrimage places in the Czech republic, which is situated about 20 km northeast from Prague.

          Stara Boleslav played an important role in the beginning of the Premyslid state. There are two famous pilgrimage churches – Basilica of Saint Wenceslas and the Church of Ascension of Virgin Mary. 

          Stara Boleslav got famous by an important historical event – prince Wenceslas, one of the most important sovereigns in our history, was assassinated by his own brother Boleslav in 929 there. And therefore the basilica was built on the same place where Wenceslas died. Prince was later cannonized and proclaimed a saint patron of Bohemia and a symbol of the Czech statehood.

          Stara Bloeslav is also well known for the bronze relief of the Virgin Mary with her child Jesus, Palladium of the Bohemian lands.

          The legend says that local farmer found this relief in 1160 and it was said to have a miraculaous power.

         According to the legend Saint Ludmila, Saint Wenceslas´ grandmother, gained it from Saint Metod and prince Wenceslas inherited it. After his assassination one of his friends blessed Podiven to take it and hide it as the enemies of Saint Wenceslas could not get it. Unfortunately Podiven was murdered too. 

The baroque church was built on the same place in 17th century and it is situated near basilica.

          Church of Saint Kliment, which is situated next to basilica of St. Wenceslas, belongs to the oldest romantic buildings in the Czech Republic. It was built in about 11th century and decorated in 12th century.

          Come and see beautiful, historical and pilgrimate city of Stara Boleslav and feel its nonrecurring atmosphere.

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